Facebook plugin for libpurple (Morsender)

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Facebook protocol plugin for libpurple created by https://github.com/dequis/purple-facebook i just built it for sailfishos. libjson-glib-1_0-0 is needed but it should pick it up. Its working with Morsender so if you have any problems with this plugin:
1. Its not Morsender fault
2. Its not my fault as i dont maintain it
3. i dont care you can open issue in the author thread


Application versions: 
File libpurple-plugin-facebook-0.9.5-1.1.5.jolla_.armv7hl.rpm74.39 KB23/03/2019 - 11:45
File libpurple-plugin-facebook-0.9.5-1.1.5.jolla_.i486.rpm83.4 KB23/03/2019 - 11:45

- update to version 0.9.4
* Add content-type header to all requests, fixes http error 400
* Change error message when sync_sequence_id is missing, for clarity
* Bump orca version. Purely speculative, may not help with anything.


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Hmm, this is exactly what I did It wouldn't even let me create an account via the app. But I will try to experiment, after all it works for some so it might work for me

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I discovered that my plugins don't work on 3.0.2 so don't even bother. I will try to fix them when 3.0.2 will be out

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I tried that and I have the SSL problem too.
And I know you wrote in the description it is not yoir fault

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eventually try setting up account on the computer in pidgin and then copy ~/.purple folder onto device.




#works for me

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When i install the plugin i get SSL connection error how can i fix this ? thanks!

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If problem still exists try setting account up on linux pc and pidgin and then copy ~/.purple to device

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Just try to reconnect

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Yeah fixed again ;)

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Response from Basil:

Hi there,


there was a pending update/rebuild for integration of qr codes for easier package download.

The work is completed, and packages list is available (and visible) once again.