Theme pack support for Sailfish OS

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GUI available here.

Theme pack support lets customize icons, fonts, system sounds and pixel density in Sailfish OS. Remember to unapply themes before system updates.


  • Icon theming.
  • Icon overlay.
  • Font theming.
  • Sound theming.
  • Change device pixel ratio.
  • Change DPI for Alien Dalvik.
  • Change icon size.
  • Options to recover UI.
  • Auto-update icon theme.


  • It contains no themes, it's just the engine which makes applying themes possible, but you have to install them separately.
  • For Sailfish OS 2.1 users: if you've used the font size changer, reset it via the theme pack support before changing it via the Jolla Settings.
  • For Sailfish X users: changing device pixel ratio needs testing.


  1. Install a compatible theme pack.
  2. Open the app via the icon on the homescreen and insert your root password. You can also start it via terminal by typing themepacksupport as root.
  3. Apply the theme pack of your choice.
  4. Refresh the homescreen.

Create custom theme packs

Documentation on how to create theme packs available here.


Roadmap and features will be tracked on the Trello dashboard.


App icon inspired by Freepik from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY.


  • Engine design and bash scripting by fravaccaro.
  • One-click restore service by Eugenio_g7.
  • Fix for Android icons on the XA2 by Eugenio_g7.


If you like my work, please consider to donate via PayPal.

Application versions: 

* Sat Aug 24 2019 0.8.13
- Improved autoupd script.

* Sat Jun 8 2019 0.8.12
- Improved overlay engine.

* Sat Apr 20 2019 0.8.11
- Services now take in consideration overlay settings.
- Bugfix.

* Tue Apr 9 2019 0.8.10
- Bugfix.

* Sat Apr 6 2019 0.8.9
- Fix for Android icons on the XA2 (thanks to Eugenio_g7).

* Sat Mar 23 2019 0.8.8
- Support for themes in home storage

* Tue Feb 19 2019 0.8.7
- Initial support for Android DPI settings on XA2.

* Sun Feb 10 2019 0.8.6
- Backup/restore icons.

* Thu Feb 7 2019 0.8.5
- Support for 192x192 Android icons.
- Overlay support improved for Sailfish X.

* Sat Jan 5 2019 0.8.4
- [EXPERIMENTAL] Service for running one-click restore before system upgrades.

* Wed Dec 19 2018 0.8.3
- Redesigned icon menu.

* Fri Nov 23 2018 0.8.0
- Improved non latin font support.
- Overlay support.



jab888's picture

Thanks a lot for your work. Grazie!

rodirecezi's picture

Xperia X Compact

Cant change screen DPI, need help

fravaccaro's picture

Fixed in the new release. I suggest you to try UI Themer if you need a GUI :)

Historyscholar's picture


dfstorm's picture

On sailfish os : we can't change pixel ratio. It reset to default when restarting home screen.

fravaccaro's picture

Did you try to uninstall and reinstall it?

Unluckily I don't have any Sailfish X device, so I can't reproduce your issue. If you want to take part to the development, feel free to reach me on GitHub or via email :)

dfstorm's picture

Edit 2: Solved. All the "UI" refresh I could find are simply not working. Doing a "pkcon refresh" in the terminal solved the problem. How to:

1- Give you an access: Go to developper toosl in Settings and setup an SSH access.

2- Open a terminal and log a root by entering "devel-su" and then enter the password you just created

3- Once loged in as root, do "pkcon refresh".

4- Profit. And maybe disable the ssh Access you just created...


Edit: After rebooting my phone I've got an error :D It's probably an openrepo/sailfish issue. It's a file not found on "./non-oss/noarch/sailfish-content-graphics-closed-z2.0-0.6.1-10.2.1.jolla.noarch.rpm" not found on medium "".


I can't install it anymore. I re-intialized my sailfish X in setting. Then updated to the latest OS version... And then I am here. From "storeman", after adding the repo, when you trie to install it it start loading then said "not installed" without more informations. When trying manually from the package from the openrepo website; we got "an error occurred" and again, no more information. It's sad I can't give you any meaningfull information for now expect saying that it indeed isn't working on sailfish X. I will try from a terminal soon when I got the time.

fravaccaro's picture

Isn't pkcon refresh helpful?

DarkTuring's picture

Doesnt work in

DarkTuring's picture

Wont work for me says rpm is missing, sailfish-content-graphics-closedz2.0-0.6.1-10.8.1.jolla.noarch.rpm

dfstorm's picture

Do a "pkcon refresh" like I explained in my comment above (or not.. depending from where you're looking at this :P )

fravaccaro's picture

Refresh your repo data.

conrado967's picture

I can't change pixel ratio on Sailfish X. I tried do it manually by dconf write ... But still the same result:

The operation attempted to modify one or more non-writable keys

fravaccaro's picture

Unluckily I can't test it now as I don't have a Sailfish X yet. I'll update the engine to support it asap.

conrado967's picture

After update now changing pixel ratio works on Xperia X. Thanks a lot!

DameCENO's picture

Hi fravaccaro.
I have upgraded to 2.1.3 and uithemer seems non compatible, while theme pack support works, atleast for fonts. I am not sure if I have a display density issue or I am not inputting the correct values in the theme pack support, when I input 0.90 as value is that the correct way to do it?
UI themer isn't able to apply any fonts as it can't refresh the homescreen after selection of the font, and the pixel density slider remains on default value.
Sorry for always needing help on this after system upgrade, I have done all the those steps but UI themer itselt seem to need some looking at. Thanks for all the help

Jaracz's picture

Hi fravaccaro,

I've got Sailfish, I try to install your app:

[root@Sailfish nemo]# pkcon install harbour-themepacksupport

Fatal error: harbour-themepacksupport-0.5.4-3.noarch requires sailfish-content- graphics-default-z1.0-base, but this requirement cannot be provided

sailfish-content-graphics-default-z1.0-base can't be found, and installing sailfish-content-graphics-default says "This request will break your system!".


Thank you in advance for your help!


Best regards,


fravaccaro's picture

Which phone do you have? Have you tried a preliminary pkcon refresh ?

Jaracz's picture

I could sweat, I've tried that before.. but now it works! Thanx!

lenvin's picture

Hey fravaccar,

Im stuck with this app. I am not open the theme app. And also I am unable to delete the theme app. Kindly help me.

fravaccaro's picture

Why can't you delete it? Is there any error message?

lalith's picture

 i am unable to delete themes app which i had installed and also it is not opening and not deleting


so what i do nowu


fravaccaro's picture

Why can't you delete it? Is there any error message?

DameCENO's picture

HI fravaccaro

I have the same issue still as of since updating to the latest sailfish version 2.0.5

I just updated the app but face the same issue, I cannot use theme fonts anymore. After applying it shows on the app as being the font in use, but refreshing lipstick and rebooting Jolla has no effect, the default font remains. Any fix to this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

fravaccaro's picture

As mentioned below, try restoring the default fonts and then, via terminal:

pkcon install sailfish-fonts

After, you may be able to apply fonts again.

DameCENO's picture

Thanks a million,was here to report that following those steps and adding the restoring to default fonts option in your app got the fonts applied once more...
The GUI app needs an update as it is unable to restart lipstick anymore, let ne report that in the comments section of the app, thanks again

DameCENO's picture

Unable to apply fonts after update to, the font is listed as being in use in the app but the sailfish font prevails. Lipstick refresh and reboot have no effect. pkcon install sailfish-fonts returns the error of the package isn't found on the medium... Any update? I am addicted to this app

Jordi's picture


Since the last system update, I'm not able to install fonts anymore. Any idea?


fravaccaro's picture

Have you restored the default font before upgrading?

Jordi's picture

Of course not, I never did! (Shame on me)

What should I do, then?