Patch: Remorse accept all right handed button

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Make sure to remove the original patch 'Remorse Accept Button' by BillHalley before installing and applying this patch.

Patch originally created and built by BillHalley. Reproduced and updated with kind permission from the author.

Now, all 'Accept buttons' appear on the right side of the remorse timer popup.

Built on and for Jolla1 - YMMV with other devices.


Application versions: 
File sailfishos-patch-remorse-accept-right-handed-button-0.1-2.noarch.rpm5.17 KB30/12/2017 - 18:35


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Seems not work on  3.0...

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Nice. I have proposal for improvement

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Thanks elros34, feel free to fork the patch, update it and upload to your own repo. Right now, I'm just not interested in Sailfish and its total lack of progress.

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Great job! BTW to use this patch you need to unapply the "Remorse Accept Button" patch by BillHalley.

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Oops!, yes, thank you for the reminder Universebenzene. I will add that detail.