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I use MythTV as my home DVR (digital video recorder) and noticed that there is no native Sailfish app.

So, here it is: MythFish

With MythFish you can:

  • control MythTV
  • wake up TV computer via Wake on Lan
  • see what's currently playing
  • adjust volume and playing position via slider

It also has support for automatically waking up the TV computer and connecting to MythTV on start of the app.

Supported languages are:

  • english
  • german

This software is open source GPLv3. Sourcecode:


Note: please report back any bugs or problems you encounter! Feedback would also be nice, so I can make the app even better!


  • 1.00, 12.02.2016
    • initial release
  • 1.10, 16.02.2016
    • fixed german translation
  • 1.20, 16.03.2016
    • added playing page
    • added support for frontend HTTP service
    • use system notifications now
    • prepared app to be released in Jolla store
  • 1.30, 21.03.2016
    • changed names of C++ objects to be compatible to Jolla store
    • added a network manager to recognize if there is a network connection at all
    • lowered power consumption (animation was running all the time)
    • fixed a bug: if MythTV was in idle state (not playing), the media screen would not show properly
    • this version was released to Jolla store


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Deprecated, install newer version from Jolla Harbour. How rare situation this in here openrepos :D