Patchmanager 3 Beta

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Patchmanager 3 public beta

Make sure to unapply patches before upgrade from Patchmanager 2. Installation will fail if any patch is applied.

If you have installed prepatch, please remove it before patchmanager3 installation.

Changes between version 2 and version 3:

  • Not changing original files. Patches applied to fakeroot located at /tmp/patchmanager
  • OS update friendly. Patchmanager3 automatically detects when user start downloading an update and unapplying all patches
  • Patches can be reordered to be applied in correct order. Just drag to left and drop at required position
  • Collect information about possible conflicting patches. Visit patch info page.
  • Automatic check for updates for online catalog patches. Notificaiton will popup if new version of patch will be released

Patchmanager daemon acts like proxy, filtering open calls and decide if application should open original file or fake one.

Useful environment variables:
NO_PM_PRELOAD=1 disables preload plugin from filtering calls
PM_PRELOAD_DEBUG=1 enables additional stderr output for preload plugin

Keep in mind this is beta version and should contain a lot of bugs. However it was tested for a while.

Please report all bugs to:

You can collect patchmanager logs by running:
devel-su journalctl -al _COMM=jolla-settings + _EXE=/usr/sbin/patchmanager + _EXE=/usr/bin/patchmanager-dialog > patchmanager.log

Sources available here:

Translate project:


Big thanks jakibaki for Prepatch. This was very good idea to create such way for applying patches. You can review my plugin here:


Application versions: 

Refactored commandline mode


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Let me give it a try and report

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Hi Coderus
I have been a problem with Patchmanager, it sees my SFOS as being while I am on, thus the web catalogue won't let me download the right patches for my device, marks them as incompatible, giving me those of to download, those won't apply because of my device version. Have uninstalled Patchmanager altogether, reinstalled it, reinstalled the version 1 and started from there no luck, installed 2 and started from there, still no luck.
I need your help, as I can't use my device without patches, and have reset my device and sdxc card 4 times already, since I have gotten the device working as I wanted, not willing to reset it again.
Please help

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ssu re

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Sadly, I am still having problems with my patches not appearing in patchmanager list after installing. I still have to select "Unapply all patches" from the pulley menu to make my patches appear in the list - surely I cannot be the only one having this problem?,
I am not resetting my device any more, it's pointless, I still end up with the same annoying result. Another nail in the coffin for me and Sailfish; *bollocks!* :(

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I have translate  it  into  Chinese .Please check it on your  github .

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Thanks  for  you  work !

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Well.. After upgrade to patch list is empty, "load engine" do nothing, about do not show version number and the "setting pull down menu" make the app (setting in that case) crash. I try removing the app, reboot, etc... No luck.

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Same here, but upgrade itself wasn't the reason - PM works fine for sometime after upgrade.

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email me your log. details are in description.

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Done. Thanks in advance.

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I understand what's happen. The problem is not with PM, but with the patch 'Devicelock faith text' : you can enable it, but after restarting, all patches are disabled. Sorry...

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I am alone in this case ?

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is there a problem with the SFOS update ? It is impossible, since SFOS, to enable any patch.

Tks, and regards.

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Can I somehow bypass the patchmanager daemon so I can read the original files while patch is enabled? Would make developing patches a lot easier.

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Sure, this is noted in description text :)

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Hi coderus, I built 2 new patches yesterday. When I try to install them, they do not appear in patchmanager list. I made the patches the same way I have made all others, but these 2 do not install. I do not get any errors or notifications, except when I try removing, I get a notification "Patch removed".
I'm going round in circles here, any suggestions for troubleshooting and why do I not get any notification to say "Patch installed"...?
I have tried unapplying/removing all patches, then removing patchmanager and then reinstalling patchmanager and all my patches, all of my patches install and apply except the 2 new ones, also, I still do not get notification to say "Patch installed".....any ideas please?

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I have a lot of ideas, but please give me logfile, so i can look :)

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thanks, what's the best way to post my 'patchmanager.log' file?, I've never had to do this before..?

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Done!, thank you.

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0.1.4 Analogclock did not work, but after downgrade to 0.1.2 via webkatalog it runs again. Try it.

Jolla 1, 2.0.29

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since upgrading, patchmanager3 beta does not seem to start up anymore. After a restart it hangs at 'analog clock' patch. If I kill it, it shows zero available patches on web catalog, 'load engine' has no effect either. I run Sailfish 2.0.29. After a restart, again it loads patches and hangs at 'analog clock'. Uninstalling 'analog clock' does not help. Any hints? Thank you!

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Please give me a log

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I'm getting the same issue as this person, log is here:

Running an Xperia X with 


danfin's picture

sorry it did not work. The console command is a bit complicated, probably a typo. After stopping auto activation of patches, opening patchmanager3 beta, and activating them manually, everything runs smooth as before. Thank you very much!

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File './core/armv7hl/gdbm-1.8.3-1.1.5.armv7hl.rpm' not found on medium ''
Problem on Jolla repositories? How to bypass / fix this problem?

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pkcon refresh

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Ok. thanks!

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after pm3 release debug messages will be reduced

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Hi there,
I have many logs like this. Is this ok?

15.06.18 10:59:22.938 patchmanager[721]: unknown:0 PatchManagerObject::startReadingLocalServer()::__lambda114 Requested: "/etc/buteo/profiles/sync/carddav.Contacts.xml" Not changing