VaiDroid Icon Theme

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Requires Theme pack support and (optional but recommended) UI Themer. Only for apps used with installed Android support (Alien-Dalvik).

This theme pack replaces many popular Android icons with Sailfish-styled ones. See screenshots for available icons in this theme pack. 

  • Themes need to be re-applied whenever you update this icon pack or used Android applications. UI Themer offers an auto-update feature.

I'm accepting requests for other icons - even though I can't satisfy every wish. If you like my collection, please buy me a coffee :-) 

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Application versions: 
harbour-themepack-vaidroid-1.0-1.noarch.rpm3.04 MB21/12/2017 - 19:05
harbour-themepack-vaidroid-1.1-1.noarch.rpm3.45 MB16/01/2018 - 19:21

- Several new icons


groeable's picture

There is icon for snapchat, right? Is there any option to install snapchat on jolla now?

molan's picture

Yes, that's the Snapchat icon. It was requested by pisarz1958 (see other comments). Personally I haven't tested Snapchat on Jolla devices.

ferlanero's picture


Revolut - Beyond Banking


ferlanero's picture

Absolute great! Keep this incredible work alive!! Thanks!

molan's picture

Thank you for the nice words :)

pisarz1958's picture

Cool! I was really waiting for it. How can I suggest you or/and send you icons that I use with Android apps?

molan's picture

Thanks :) You don't need to send me the icon - what I need is the app name and the name of its .desktop file. You find it in /usr/share/applications/ . For example HERE Maps would be apkd_launcher_com_here_app_maps-com_here_app_LauncherActivity.desktop .

pisarz1958's picture

Snapchat: apkd_launcher_com_snapchat_android-com_snapchat_android_LandingPageActivity 
(my icon in .ai format)

Microsoft To-Do: apkd_launcher_com_microsoft_todos-com_microsoft_todos_ui_LaunchActivity

OneDrive: apkd_launcher_com_microsoft_skydrive-com_microsoft_skydrive_MainActivity

Excel: apkd_launcher_com_microsoft_office_excel-com_microsoft_office_excel_excelMainActivity

OneNote: apkd_launcher_com_microsoft_office_onenote-com_microsoft_office_onenote_ui_ONMSplashActivity

PowerPoint: apkd_launcher_com_microsoft_office_powerpoint-com_microsoft_office_powerpoint_PPTActivity

Word: apkd_launcher_com_microsoft_office_word-com_microsoft_office_word_WordActivity

LastPass: apkd_launcher_com_lastpass_lpandroid-com_lastpass_lpandroid_activity_WebBrowserActivity

pisarz1958's picture

Great update. Your paypal donation link is invalid though.

molan's picture

Thank you! I'm glad to hear that you like it. OneDrive icon will be added in a future update :-) PayPal link should work now, thanks for checking it.

pisarz1958's picture

Thanks! Just sent you a donation. Here are a couple more suggestions if you don't mind:

Hangouts: apkd_launcher_com_google_android_talk-com_google_android_talk_SigningInActivity.desktop

Pocket: apkd_launcher_com_ideashower_readitlater_pro-com_pocket_app_AppCacheCheckActivity.desktop

Skype Lite: apkd_launcher_com_microsoft_office_officelens-com_microsoft_office_officelens_MainActivity.desktop

molan's picture

Thanks, that's very kind. I put these apps on my to-do list. Could you verify again the Skype Lite icon? Looks like you accidentally posted 2 times the Office Lens one.

pisarz1958's picture

I didn't notice, sorry. I removed it from that list. Skype Lite has the old icon for me, even after reapplying.

Bocephus's picture

Perfect for those who have installed aliendalvik. No use for the rest of us who run pure Sailfish.

molan's picture

Yes, this theme only replaces Android app icons and leaves Sailfish OS apps untouched.

Erdrandbewohner's picture

Perfect. Thank you!