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Pre-Release version of Mitakuuluu3 for early testers.

Post your problems to forum ( and do not forget to attach screenshots and be ready to seld logfile by email.

Application connecting to network automatically after launching. While it logged in swipe down not exiting application, but only closing main window. To fully close application you should disconnect first.

Most interesting features:
- fully supporting end-to-end textsecure encryption
- showing messages preview window
- syncing only selected contacts
- importing text messages from other clients
- importing accounts from Mitakuuluu2, Whatsup, Android WA

Not working in v0.1.11
- sending media messages
- settings
- creating groups
- sending texts to broadcasts
- any actions to messages in chats
- any actions to contacts in list

You can send logs directly from applicatoin Settings page - menu - Send logs

Why releasing this version? To show current state of application and receive money for future development. It's been a long time since development was started, and author need funds.

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Application versions: 

Added group profile page
Many UI changes and improvements
Fixed reconnection logics
Fixed android messages import (you need to import account again, old imported messages can't be fiexd)
Added options to change profile picture
You can send logs directly from applicatoin Settings page - menu - Send logs


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This is a dead horse, isn't it?

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hello i need help with instalation of the app.


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please update

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Waiting for update.

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I've downloaded Mitakuuluu3, but I've couldn't finish the registration because an error message appeared: "Registration error. Reason: Protocol version outdated, sorry. Please, report this issue and wait for application update". I'm using Sailfish version Thanks in advance for your comments

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Same with me. Can not registrate due to outdated version. (OS Saillfish version Who is maintaining this Mitakuuluu3? I have sent a little sum of money earlier, thus waiting for some response for the money, pls. Thank you very much for the very near-future updating.


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Very beautiful App, and great to use with Emoji Keyboard! I just donated, hope to see media messages soon :-)

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Dear Mitakuuluu,

Thank you very much for nice Whatsapp for Jolla. It works very well.Sent a little sum of money earlier. I am looking for extra functios asap. E.g.  deleting the  messages etc. Keep going with development in Mitakuuluu3. You are on the rigth road now.


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Reason: no cell routes for sending sms caused by your operator.

Do you have a solution for this problem?

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Какой протокол используется в этой версии?

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Would be great to have an indicator (like a little lock symbol) which shows if proper textsecure encryption is utilized (and maybe the possibility to enforce encryption).
Great work so far, thank you very very much!!

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like this lock symbol on second screen? yes, it's already here. And there is no way to enforce encryption with non-android clients at the moment.

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Seems to it may coexist with the original Whatsapp client? (screenshot 6)

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why not? it's just an application. but you should use different numbers on it.

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when i tried installing mitakuuluu3 " problem with installaing mitakuuluu3" is appearing.

first time installation of mitakuuluu ever.

I am using sailfish

developer mode is enabled.

allow untrusted software is enabled. 

I have whatsup installed. could anyone help on this

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you should install it with warehouse

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Please add the feature of mitakuullu2.. shake hide chat..

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features will be added after all main functions only.

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give me your email address
i send screen short for problem

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can't see setting option

can't see send image

help help



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Read description

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I think there is some problem with whatsapp import. I import account and messages from whatsapp and my chats show only imported message. If I send or receive a message i only see imported message.

I remove mitäkuuluu3 and delete files. After that I install and reregister mitäkuuluu3. Now chats show new messages and all working. Thank you! I donated, great work!

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how did you delete files please? I am facing a similar problem ... ;(

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please write to forum if you want to debug nd help to fix this problem

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Thank you for this Great App, i love it!

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when starting mitakuuluu3 for the first time, you can select an android account to import from which works fine but if you swipe back you can actually get back to the registration menu - don't think this is intended, this doesn't happen if you start mitakuuluu3 for a second time (minor stuff :))

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I get a registration error:

Reason: No cell routes for sending sms caused by your operator. Please try other method...