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DISCLAIMER 1: This is not a permanent fork of Poor Maps. Its provided since I find it useful and with assumption that it will be the same for others. When this work will be merged with Poor Maps and released via official package, this package is expected to be removed.

DISCLAIMER 2: If you own Jolla 1, do not expect this application to work on it.

DISCLAIMER 3: Use of online map tiles is a shared resource. When the downloaded tile count will approach the limits for free tier, I will stop the corresponding access. If stopped, I will notify via TMO and message here. Offline maps provided by OSM Scout Server are not limited.

Poor Maps GL is a port of Poor Maps (https://openrepos.net/content/otsaloma/poor-maps) to Mapbox GL QML widget (https://openrepos.net/content/rinigus/mapbox-gl-native-bindings-qt-qml). As a result, tiles are rendered fast, allow smooth zoom, labels rotate, to name the few.

Poor Maps GL has been packaged to be possible to installation and usage together with the Poor Maps: application names, configuration and cache storage are at different locations. If you have issues induced by the conflicts between these two, please file the issue at github of Poor Maps GL (link below).

In addition to Mapbox GL port, this version contains also my work on bringing voice prompts to Poor Maps (under review for merging with Poor Maps). For voice prompts to work, this package depends on TTS synthesis applications.


Source code for released Poor Maps GL: https://github.com/rinigus/poor-maps/tree/gl-release

Issues: https://github.com/rinigus/poor-maps

Dependencies (should be pooled automatically):


Application versions: 
harbour-poor-maps-gl-0.33-1.noarch.rpm434.22 KB10/12/2017 - 23:05
harbour-poor-maps-gl-0.34-1.noarch.rpm438.54 KB28/12/2017 - 00:23


  • Sync with 0.34 changes in Poor Maps


  • Initial release of Mapbox GL port


crakby's picture

Is there a way to import a POI-file?

I have an importent POI-file in Garmin and TomTom format.

rinigus's picture

Not directly. At present, there is no GUI for importing such data.

Now it does depend on how important it is for you. If you really want to do it, then there is a way. You can construct a style that would make an overlay on top of the current style. Alternatively, and probably simpler, would be to hack extra layers from Poor Maps GL code in QML/Python. Ideally, it should be done so that it can be used in future releases by other users.

The both ways are not simple end-user approaches though.

ferlanero's picture

Great update. Vectorized maps are perfect while navigating and zooming.

Qleg's picture

@rinigus, yes, it works offline :-), if navigation use OSM Scout. But... OSM Scout don't work between regions even if internet=on. Mapzen Turn-by-Turn works between regions if internet=on.

rinigus's picture

@Qleg, OSM Scout does support navigation between regions if you use Valhalla router. Either choose Recommended with vector tiles or Custom, but then include Valhalla backend. Its the same router as used by Mapzen. Note that you need to have regions covering between start and stop, no gaps in between. Which router do you use and which regions leading to the problem

Qleg's picture

@rinigus, yes, I use Recommended with vector and raster with default settings. The regions have a common border and routing works up to this point. But... for region which is selected in Maps of OSM Scout server. It's impossible to select both regions, only one of them.

rinigus's picture

@Qleg, the region selector is just for the preference in search, it has nothing to do with the routing. So, it is OK to leave it on any region that you wish to search your addresses for first.

Would you mind to calculate some example route from one region to another? If you are located in one of these regions then search for location in the other region and press Navigate in Poor Maps to there.

Does the calculated route stop on the border? If it does, its a bug. Please tell me then names of the regions and some example for where to where it doesn't work. In addition, would be great to get log messages from OSM Scout Server. Ideally, file it as issue at https://github.com/rinigus/osmscout-server . If its too much, do it here

Qleg's picture

@rinigus, I sent a message with log as private here. It's impossible paste screenshot(from poor-maps) from local disc :-(


rinigus's picture

Thank you very much, excellent way of doing it! I will look into it and we can communicate via email directly.

Qleg's picture

:-) Many thanks!

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Brilliant, finally GL accelerated maps for SFOS :-) Thank you a lot for this. I also ran into the issue of not rendering maps when network is disabled. Luckily I think it should work even without access to WLAN or mobile data as long as those are not disabled. That means on the Streets without any internet I will still get some nice maps rendered.


My question would be if it's possible to render the Mapbox maps I downloaded offline for OSM scout server just as the ones provided online. The online maps look much nicer although that comes down to taste. Is it possible to download these instead? Thanks for all the good work.

rinigus's picture

Re network issue: I maybe able to hack around it, stay tuned.

Re styles: Online maps are cached, but the cache cannot be too large due to the service agreement with Mapbox (they state some limits for caching). However, I haven't worked at all on offline map style. It will probably be not as nice as Mapbox product, but we can get surely better. Good news is that its much easier to style these maps and everyone can chip in after we finalize database schema behind it. Let me get some styles done, adopt @otsaloma Cartago styles, and then, I hope, styles can be developed by community too.

MoritzJT's picture

I didn't know that it has to be done by you. I thought it was just the source material and maybe they provided an outdated version ;) Good to know that we can chip in at some point :-)

mautz's picture

First of all, thank you for your all your work!

Now to my problem, the maps do not display(or render probably) sometimes it works like expected for a few seconds, but most of the times i only look at the white background. The maps sometimes show up for a fraction of a second. Anything i can do, to get some logs or something else? I'm using poor-maps-gl with osm-scout-server on the Nexus5 with SFOS

rinigus's picture

I hope that its not a hardware limitation that we seemed to have hit with J1. Lets see if there are some messages when you run Poor Maps GL by starting it from terminal:

sailfish-qml harbour-poor-maps-gl

Please try to use OSM Scout Server basemap and also Mapbox Streets. Please let me know how it went

mautz's picture

I'm getting errors like "Failed to load tile 'foobar' for source osmscout: Network access is disabled. When i turn on wifi or mobile data everything is working smooth. Maybe i have some misconfiguration?

Edit: Even when i connect to a wlan which doesn't give me access to the internet it seems to work correctly.

rinigus's picture

I have a reason to believe that this is Qt bug. Full description via "official" channel, see https://together.jolla.com/question/175944


rinigus's picture

Brilliant! This is a great news and at least we can work with it (as would have been with some weird OpenGL errors).

I can reproduce the error when I disable the network. I suspect its a bug of Mapbox GL Native, but I will have to look into it. OSM Scout Server is a "weird" situation for Mapbox GL - they may have been trying to be smart and check for accessibility of the network. I'll look into it and file an issue regarding it either for myself or Mapbox GL library.

For now, maybe you could use it with the network access enabled? I'll look into it ASAP

mautz's picture

Whoo, that was quick, thanks alot. No problem using it with network access enabled.

rinigus's picture

It should be resolved now. You would have to update the plugin (https://openrepos.net/content/rinigus/mapbox-gl-native-bindings-qt-qml). Its build around libcurl and seems to work as intended on my device (connection is fine in offline mode).

mautz's picture

Updated the plugin, disabled all network connections, fired up Poor Maps GL and i see a map :)

Thanks rinigus, awesome work!

rinigus's picture

From the look of it, it's an issue with any communication via qt network api in such case. I'll open an issue at TJC tomorrow regarding it.

ziellos's picture

Am I the only one who isn't able to run Poor Maps GL with OSM Scout Server? With the GL fork, the maps remain blank. With the original Poor Maps, the OSM Scout maps are displayed correctly. OSM Scout Server's access log seems to look ok at first sight.

rinigus's picture

Did you enabled Mapbox GL dataset support in OSM Scout Server? For that, in OSM Scout Server, select either custom profile or profile with the vector tiles. Then, in Map Manager, since it the new backend, unsubscribe/subscribe for all your territories. It should then allow you to download the vector tiles and will be able to serve them via mbgl URL.

It maybe confusing since OSM Scout Server doesn't report missing tiles for Mapbox GL (otherwise you may get these hits even during normal operation due to the way mapbox gl operates)

ziellos's picture

Works now, thanks!

rinigus's picture

Sorry, I missed it while releasing the server.

Qleg's picture

@rinigus, thanks for this detail :-)

akikk88's picture

Only finnish voice support need?

rinigus's picture

We'll need a TTS engine supporting it. This is an issue that is not resolved, see https://together.jolla.com/question/51564/text-to-speech-tts-service-and... for background. In short, not possible now and there are no plans to work on it on my part.

To get instructions (used for text instruction and, if TTS is available, for voice), Valhalla has to be translated. See https://github.com/valhalla/valhalla/tree/master/locales for currently supported languages

minitreintje's picture

It's a great addition for Poor Maps, both the MapBox plugin and the text to speech engine!

Also traffic information is very handy :)