Patch: Combined pulley menu

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Combines two styles of pulley-menu - old from 1.1.7.x and new from 2.0.x.x. Nice and fast.

Conflicts with Return old pulley menu and nodevel's Faster Pulley Menus. Please, remove or unapply them, if you want to use my patch.

Patch requires SailfishOS 2.0.2-51 or 2.0.4-13

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Hi Ancelad, this patch stopped working on 2.1.3 due to compatibility issues. 
Any hope for an update? Thanks a lot

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the patch dosn't work for me on jolla phone SF

The patch is applied without an error, but the home screen pulley has not changed. I tried "return-old-pulley-menu" also, but I stuck with the ambience menu.

Have you any idea, what could be wrong?

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reboot your phone

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reboot does not change anything (it's not windows :)

Just digging somewhat into it, I found the patch. At my linux-box I can reverse apply the patch. Next time I will try  to manually patch the files in the phone.


So, done. I've seen the patches of all 3 files are applied korrectly. However, nothing happens. I stick with the new  Ambience-Pulldown :(




Hi Ancelad,


obviously I misunderstood the purpose of the patch. I've been looking to revert the new top-edge-swipe in Home-Screen with the ambience menu incl. the lock option to the fast lock function available in SFOS 1.x.

Hoewever, thanks for your work

by oreo

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Thanks Ancelad: Even better than your SFOS-Patch "Return old pulley menu"!

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beautiful combination, thanks! But the eventsview pulley indicator doesn't change to the old design (sailfish

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eventsview doesn't use real pulley-menu, it uses "pseudo"-pulley

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Hey man, thanks for this and your other tweaks and tools.

Just a little request from my side: Is it possible for you to create a pulley menu patch that uses the SFOS 2 pulley but simply spans out the menu through the entire screen width (on landscape), like the old pulley menu does?

Would very much appreciate it!

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I found a little issue. when pulley menu is fully open, the last item remains selected.
see screenshot

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Thanks, I will fix it ASAP

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You smart man!

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awesome !