Cargo Dock (new UI test)

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This is a build of unreleased 0.2.3 version with merged new-ui and ftp branches.

For now there's no support for new dropbox api. Also it may have decreased functionality.

I've started process of implementation V2 DropBox API but there's no ETA for now.

Also feedback about current/proposed UI is welcome.



Application versions: 
harbour-cargodock-0.2.3-1.armv7hl.rpm204.27 KB13/11/2017 - 04:36
harbour-cargodock-0.2.3-1.i486.rpm224.18 KB13/11/2017 - 04:36



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Love the app and its ability to do permission control, allow permissions to be set on folder level which then also changes permissions on subdirectory files (auto recursive permission command, you could have a popup asking do you want to change all file permissions in subfolders as well, yes, No).




Keep up the good work nice new UI as well though a bit biuncy.

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By the way it would be nice if the app could have archives extraction and onedrive integration like filecase has :)

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My choice would be old style dual pane + cut action + FTP + improved pulley.

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are you continuing this app or just packaging latest commits that where never released?

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First I'm waiting for responce from original developer if he abandoned this project or not.

Second I need user feedback on this new UI to know which version I should take to continue development.

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The new one.

Could you please also add rename to menu.

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I like the new UI.

  • The lines in the "panes" view, should wrap, if longer then screen.
  • Folders should be shown in the top, before files and sorted alphabetically.
  • The star, clipboard, folder and trash should go in the upper pull-down menu and a cut/move option would be handy too.
  • The settings and about should go to the "pane" side.

That's my opinion.

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weeeell, since you ask for an opinion, the old ui was (to me) the best ui we had for a filemanager in sailfish, the new one, i was fiddling with it for about an hour then i've unistalled it...never seen something so weird, to me is mostly unusable...


by the way it's nice in case you can continue to work on that, since it's a shame such a good app was abandoned...

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I totally agree! Old UI is very usable and more Sailfish-style.

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New IU makes it easier to work with more then two locations at once. But there're a lot of usability issues.

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well maybe it is but while the other was a breeze to use on two panel, this new one i barely understood how to use it with one panel...


well anyway they are just opinions eh...

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I think it should have two panels with tabs each.

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you mean tabs like this one?well to me they are rather ugly as of now...maybe pulley are not handy but surely more integrated and pleasant...

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No, they will be different. I'm thinking about two panels  as it was but with tabs.

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ok, then we'll see what will come up eventually :)