Patch: Ultimate statusbar patch

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Combination of many statusbar patches:

Obviosly these packages were added into spec-file as conflicts, so you should remove them through WareHouse or terminal.

It has user-friendly settings page with translations support. Currently supports these languages:

  • Russian
  • English 

Why? It's prevents tons of conflicts and now I should update only one patch instead five :D 

Donations are welcome :)



AlienDalvik indicator

Hide battery icon (optional)


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Suggested additional feature: an indicator for Android support running.

EDIT - Nice, thanks! (But not all indicators appear in SailfishX)

EDIT again - Android indicator shows up after uninstall/reinstall. GPS indicator doesn't show up. (SailfishX)

EDIT - SFOS 2.1.4.xx : Android & GPS indicators don't show up (Xperia X)

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@objectifnul, @Ancelad is reporting boot-loops caused by the "AlienDalvik runtime indicator" on devices without AlienDalvik (e.g. community builds of SFOS, INOI devices) and IIRC the Jolla C, see

Asking again recently in order to confirm if he regards this as a hopeless case.

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I don't have any X-device to test :)

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I use Xperia build as well. Everything except presence indicator is working. I have a question to volume indicators though (had that on my Jolla as well): is it possible to let the 4 levels of indication be used differently? I'd love to have no "bars" on silent mode (for better recognition, icon could be striked through as well), one bar for e.g. max 20%, 2 for e.g. 50%, 3 for 70% and 4% for 90% and more. Currently it is only 3 different levels to distinguish as 0% still shows 1 bar.

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@naytsyrhc, you may use the Patch "Volume control settings" for this in parallel to "Ultimate statusbar patch". It provides exactly the features you are asking for.

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Thanks for the hint. Unfortunately icons in that patch (IMHO) are not as good as the indicators provided by this patch. So I'll have to live with it for now.

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I don't know how to realize that

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So you have only 4 different icons to use?

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With the new update the presence indicator seems to be gone. Any hints?

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The same for me. I use a Xperia X

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Sorry, this indicator will work only with Jolla-phones, I don't have Xperia X for correct patching, so I was made some limitations for devices with ports.

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Same issue here. Jolla-1 and Both with presence indicator under the clock and in the status bar.

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I know, but still can't fix it

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What phone do you use?

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Is it just me or is there a problem with ? It says installed but it isn't.

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Thanks Ancelad!

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Please, could you solve the conflicts with Force cover size (or integrate its functionality)? I really need both patches

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but you just did it :O Thank you :)

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Somehow :)

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Hi Ancelad, I get an error when trying to install; "nothing provides lipstick-jolla-home-qt5>= needed by patch" - so, it looks like I need to be running the latest EA OS to use this patch, as my lipstick version is any of the earlier versions working for Iijoki?, I tried the 4th one from the bottom of you listed RPM's but that wouldn't install either - I have no patches applied and my OS install is very recent, so it should be clean - any ideas please dude?

I've made a super patch for homescreen, I would like to try and combine your most popular patches, or at least know that they can work side-by-side (no conflicts for users).

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every patch has OS-number in it's name, so every is compatible with SFOS

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Okay, I thought as much. installs but fails to apply. is my current OS version. At least I don't get a dependancy warning about 'nothing provides', just failure to apply - which is rather unhelpful from patchamanager point of view.  

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It seems something wrong with your lipstick-jolla-home-qt5 package, try to reinstall it.

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Spot on, thanks man. A conclusion I would of come to eventually ;)

Better still, your patch doesn't clash with my new patch, if anything , it compliments it nicely.

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@Markkyboy, on my Jolla 1 phone all four "Ultimate statusbar patch"-RPMs v2.1.0.11.[1-4] installed flawlessly per Warehouse under SailfishOS (with lipstick v0.34.26.9-10.129.2), the latest one just two days ago.

Checking, that lipstick-jolla-home-qt5 >= is *not* a dependency of this Patch:
[nemo@sfos2.1.0.11 ~]$ rpm -q --requires sailfishos-ultimate-statusbar-patch-
rpmlib(CompressedFileNames) <= 3.0.4-1
rpmlib(PayloadFilesHavePrefix) <= 4.0-1
sailfish-version = 2.1.0
[nemo@sfos2.1.0.11 ~]$

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German string translations for "Ultimate statusbar patch" on Transifex enhanced and completed.
Also did the German translations for "Devicelock faith text", as it has just a few strings.

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Great! Oh, the two volume indicators in the statusbar are looking so good now (picked "musical note" and "loudspeaker"). Thanks a lot.

Two other observations I made, while using "Ultimate statusbar patch":

a. [Usability enhancement]
Issue description: On most devices the true (i.e. audible) volume does not at all scale linearly with the volume setting. E.g. on a Jolla 1 phone the practically usable range of the volume settings is (for me on my phones) between 60% and 90%. Hence it would be very useful to indicate volume settings in this range with the volume icons of "Ultimate statusbar patch", but the highest slider setting for the lower volume threshold (i.e. first slider in both volume threshold settings) is 40%.
Solution: Please raise the highest slider setting for the lower volume threshold for the ringtone and media volume indicators from 40% to 70% or 80%.
Side note: The dynamic scaling of the sliders for the upper volume threshold (i.e. each second slider) according to the selected lower volume threshold, and the dynamic icon preview are so cool! :)

b. [Minor visual issue]
When executing the steps "1. Boot device", "2. Unlock device", "3. Unlock SIM card", "4. Start homescreen", the statusbar becomes visible in 2., necomes *almost* invisible except for the presence indicator (!) in 3., and becomes fully visible in 4. again.
One would expect to see the statusbar continuously throughout steps 2., 3. and 4. If this is not feasible, IMO it would be better to show the presence indicator also dimmed (or whatever happens with the other statusbar icons) in step 3. Maybe it is only the higher contrast of the presence indicator icon (looking at its inactive state), which makes it is visually much more prominent on the SIM-lockscreen. *Edit:* But actually the presence indicator icon rather seems to be displayed inverted (looks as if its 8-bit greyscale values there are: 255 minus <regular greyscale value>) on the SIM-lockscreen, while all other icons in the statusbar on the SIM-lockscreen are unaltered (i.e. displayed as usual).
But if there is no easy fix for this, never mind, as this is a really minor visual flaw.
Setting "Statusbar settings --> Show statusbar on lockscreen" is on, still under SFOS on a Jolla 1.

Kudos to you for this tedious work of perfecting your software.