Patch: Return old remorse popup animation

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This will return old remorse popup animation (like in 1.1.7.x)


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 cannot install it in Iijoki. is there another way around?

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I don't have device with Iijoki, try to install all available versions one by one 

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installed 0.0.3-1 and its working.  makes my aqua fish look way more cooler. don't know why jolla dropped this in the first place. thanks for this patch

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Wow, these are great news. Thanks for your patches, which help to keep the old style of SFOS ;-).

Thanks a lot.

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Ancelad, have you returned to development for SFOS?

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I have Inoi R7 as patch-machine now :)

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And thank you very much for updating this Patch, providing a consistently beautiful "look & feel" of the SailfishOS UI, in conjunction with your Patches "Return old remorse item animation" and "Combined pulley menu". :))

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it's good to see you again :)

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Hi, this patch failed to install with and :-(.

Thank You!


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Sorry, no further development from me

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Your awesome patch has kept us going, are you serious about not developing it any longer, as it is not compatible wiith 2.1.3?

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hi this patch also not work after Bye

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Thanks for all your awesome patches Ancelad. And I have an issue with this one :)
# 2015-09-28 02:03:00 sailfishos-return-old-remorse-animati
on-0.0.1-1.armv7hl remove failed
# rpm output:
# /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.3qZUb4: line 2: //: is a directory
# error: %preun(sailfishos-return-old-remorse-animation-0.0
.1-1.armv7hl) scriptlet failed, exit status 2
# error:
mv7hl: erase failed

How can I solve this?

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Unapply patch and run as root: 

rpm -e --noscripts sailfishos-return-old-remorse-animation