Patch: Link to weather app from weather banner (Sailfish Weather)

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You can now go directly to the Sailfish weather app page from the weather banner in eventsview.

Eventsview - Weather Banner; the Foreca link (now removed) is replaced with the text "Weather" ( qsTrId: "weather-ap-name").

Built and tested on Iijoki

WARNING: May not play well with other patches applied to Sailfish weather app/eventsview weather banner.

Application versions: 
sailfishos-patch-weather-banner-to-weather-app-0.1-1.noarch.rpm3.68 KB15/04/2017 - 19:37


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hullo, what clock did you install here? It looks nice.

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thanks, I added some bulky javascript and wedged it into `/usr/share/lipstick-jolla-home-qt5/lockscreen/Clock.qml` 

The end result is what you see in the screenshot, but there is also a drop shadow on the text. I'm aiming to make a clock that is easily readable with just about any ambience, so `Text Clock` was born, but it is a work in progress and ultimately was made for personal use, although I have no problem sharing if people want it/like it.....and yes, it will be in the form of a patch.

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I checked this and there is only one file of WeatherBannerForecast.qml.


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sorry for delay in replying (family engagements).

I'm not sure what to tell you. Other than what I've suggested. Unapply any patches that may affect the same file I'm patching, make sure when you unapply from patchmanager that you 'restart preloaded services', then install and apply my patch, which should also need to have 'restart preloaded services' selected.

The patch is installing/applying/functioning/unapplying/uninstalling all without problems, I wouldn't knowingly release an app/patch that doesn't work.

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yes the weather on Lockscreen patch, I also tried with deactivated this patch

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The weather on lockscreen patch only affects Clock.qml and  WeatherBanner.qml My patch affects WeatherBannerForecast.qml and so there shouldn't be a problem.
If you can, using a file browser, navigate to `/usr/lib/qt5/qml/Sailfish/Weather/` and see if there are any duplicate files of WeatherBannerForecast.qml......if there is, one may have the file extensions `.save` or `.webosinternals.orig`......if there is a duplication of the file, one of them will need to go.

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hi, patchmanaher say every time, failed to install!!
what can i do ???

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Hi, do you have any other patches for weather/weather widget installed on your device?