Patch: Devicelock faith text

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This patch will replace "Locked"-label to your faith text and enable trusted-number call function. Compatible with default devicelock.


  • custom faith-text with running animation if text width is too large for screen
  • call-button which allows to call to pre-defined number without unlock-action (button is not available when there is no SIM or flight-mode is enabled)

Patch requires SailfishOS


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Ancelad, while "Devicelock faith text" v0.4 (from Patchmanager2's web catalog) seems to work well under SFOS, it does not list any SailfishOS version higher than in its "Compatible:" line there.

As you already updated the "Compatible:" line of all other Patches you created and maintain in Patchmanager's web catalog, I wonder if I have not yet detected what does not work or if you just forgot to update that line.

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This patch should be reinvented again - too much changes in the default devicelock-code. I know about this problem and work in progress.

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Thanks for the "WIP" (so I will try to wait patiently).

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Kudos to you, as not much patience was needed!

v0.0.5 is working fine under SFOS

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Lol, there is a very funny bug in, found by my GF. She took my phone, locked, entered the number she wanted to phone to, press on the trusted button "call" and this actually started a call to the number she has entered (instead of the trusted number only).

Then she gave my phone back and said, "cool, you can make a phone call without unlocking the phone, I like it". And I answered WTF???


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Please, check new version from online-catalog :)

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Lol, really nice :) Thanks for bug report, fix will come asap.

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Could you also add a choice for email button to send a mail to predefined email address. Currently I have it written in the faith-text. I don't have any other number to recieve calls if I lose this one so email is the choice for me.

Also the animation for longer than the screen faith-text is kinda gawky. Best thing would be if it could circulate contineously with the start appearing after the end.

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AFAIK emailing is impossible without unlock-action.

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Note that "Devicelock faith text" conflicts with "No notification preview", which is obvious when looking closely at their functionality.

As "Devicelock faith text" is richer in functionality (useful for me), it became my choice.  A really useful patch, with functionality both common (notification suppression) and unique ("faith text" and "trusted call") compared to "No notification preview".

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Me too :(

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I miss this patch since I upgraded to Iijoki

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Did it bruteforce.

Download the rpm and then force it as root:

rpm -Uvh --nodeps ./sailfishos-devicelock-faith-text-2.0.5-6.noarch.rpm