Patch: Xperia clock

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It enables an Xperia-like clock in the lockscreen. It works with LPM too. Tested on the Jolla C and the Jolla Tablet.

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Code for the weather patch based on this.


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* Sat Mar 23 2019 0.8.4
- Update for Sailfish 3.0.2.
- Toggle for weather on/off.

* Mon Jan 7 2019 0.8.3
- Update for Sailfish 3.0.1.

* Thu Oct 11 2018 0.8.2
- Added translations.

* Tue Oct 9 2018 0.8.1
- Added translations.

* Mon Oct 8 2018 0.8.0
- Added settings page.

* Tue Nov 28 2017 0.7.1
- Fixed top margin.

* Tue Oct 12 2017 0.7
- Update for Sailfish OS 2.1.3.

* Thu Apr 6 2017 0.5
- Fixed clock color in Sneak Peek view.

* Wed Apr 5 2017 0.4
- Weather widget added.

* Tue Apr 4 2017 0.3
- AMPM added on 12h clock.

* Tue Apr 4 2017 0.2
- Date repositioned.

* Tue Apr 4 2017 0.1
- First build.


fravaccaro's picture

I don't use big fonts neither, but I'm supposed to make sure it looks good in every possible condition :) I'm not sure I'll be able to implement it, I may try.


EDIT: done. It's not the most elegant implementation, as it comes with two patches (one features the extendible widget), but it gets the job done and it works with both Jolla Weather and Meecast.

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To be honest I was wrong I am using large fonts, not huge just large... But now I tried it with large but I tried with normal as well, the issue is the same in both cases. The weather widget is working properly but the clock didn't change at all, it stayed the original clock with the original date what is in the same row like the weather widget. I use jolla c.

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You should apply the Xperia clock first and after the weather patch.

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Yes, you are right, there was something problem with them, but after a reboot I could choose the clock first and than the widget as well, forst it hasn't worked, but now it is perfect!


Very good job, there is also no issue with bigger fonts! Thanks!

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haha, nice one!, I came up with this idea some 6 months ago, played around with it for a while, but felt that little to no one would be interested, so I didn't upload it. 
Now i'm going to download your version and see how you achieved hours/mins on 2 lines.

fravaccaro's picture

Damn, you would have saved me some work :D

I've uploaded the sources :)

Markkyboy's picture was inevitable, especially with the announcement from Sony.
I used 2 instances of ClockItem, though I prefer the way you have done it. But I didn't use Timer for keeping the time updated, I used 'updatesEnabled: timeText.time' instead, keeping the code a little shorter and no java script required on mine either, except for what is used within blocks of qml. :)

fravaccaro's picture

You're right, I read about the updatesEnabled here but I was busy with making the 12h clock work, so I didn't dig up :( I'm considering to implement it, the less code, the better :)

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Nice idea :)

fravaccaro's picture

thanks :)