Theme pack support for Sailfish OS

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GUI available here.

Theme pack support lets customize icons, fonts, system sounds and pixel density in Sailfish OS. Remember to unapply themes before system updates.


  • Icon theming.
  • Icon overlay.
  • Font theming.
  • Sound theming.
  • Change device pixel ratio.
  • Change DPI for Alien Dalvik.
  • Change icon size.
  • Options to recover UI.
  • Auto-update icon theme.


  • It contains no themes, it's just the engine which makes applying themes possible, but you have to install them separately.
  • For Sailfish OS 2.1 users: if you've used the font size changer, reset it via the theme pack support before changing it via the Jolla Settings.
  • For Sailfish X users: changing device pixel ratio needs testing.


  1. Install a compatible theme pack.
  2. Open the app via the icon on the homescreen and insert your root password. You can also start it via terminal by typing themepacksupport as root.
  3. Apply the theme pack of your choice.
  4. Refresh the homescreen.

Create custom theme packs

Documentation on how to create theme packs available here.


Roadmap and features will be tracked on the Trello dashboard.


App icon inspired by Freepik from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY.


  • Engine design and bash scripting by fravaccaro.
  • One-click restore service by Eugenio_g7.
  • Fix for Android icons on the XA2 by Eugenio_g7.


If you like my work, please consider to donate via PayPal.

Application versions: 

* Sat Aug 24 2019 0.8.13
- Improved autoupd script.

* Sat Jun 8 2019 0.8.12
- Improved overlay engine.

* Sat Apr 20 2019 0.8.11
- Services now take in consideration overlay settings.
- Bugfix.

* Tue Apr 9 2019 0.8.10
- Bugfix.

* Sat Apr 6 2019 0.8.9
- Fix for Android icons on the XA2 (thanks to Eugenio_g7).

* Sat Mar 23 2019 0.8.8
- Support for themes in home storage

* Tue Feb 19 2019 0.8.7
- Initial support for Android DPI settings on XA2.

* Sun Feb 10 2019 0.8.6
- Backup/restore icons.

* Thu Feb 7 2019 0.8.5
- Support for 192x192 Android icons.
- Overlay support improved for Sailfish X.

* Sat Jan 5 2019 0.8.4
- [EXPERIMENTAL] Service for running one-click restore before system upgrades.

* Wed Dec 19 2018 0.8.3
- Redesigned icon menu.

* Fri Nov 23 2018 0.8.0
- Improved non latin font support.
- Overlay support.



fravaccaro's picture

Try to restore the default fonts and then, via terminal:

pkcon install sailfish-fonts

danfin's picture

installed and tried out some fonts and a icon pack. Then decided to restore. Font rendering does not look nice at all. since, even with the original font! How is THAT possible??

EmaNymton's picture

same here, may be a bug?

The backup folders at /usr/share/harbour-themepacksupport/backup were empty, dont know why.

also pt-sans-font was still installed, but i removed it via GUI-Theme-App, AFAIR

Try to uninstall all font packages and reinstall sailfish fonts with following command:

pkcon install sailfish-fonts

That worked for me!



fravaccaro's picture

If you use it without unapplying other fonts non compatible with themepack it may have unexpected behaivour.

On my device appying/restoring fonts works well via the terminal app, after an homescreen refresh/reboot.

bilal's picture

the command prompt of theme icon pack is showing blank screen

fravaccaro's picture

Have you installed the last Numix Circle update?

bilal's picture

no i haven't

fravaccaro's picture

soooooo you may try to install it :)

bilal's picture

i installed it and restarted my phone but still it shows blank black screen of the shell command

fravaccaro's picture

would you post a screenshot?

bilal's picture
fravaccaro's picture

mmm do you have root password set?

bilal's picture

do i have to keep the developer mode on?

Rikudou_Sennin's picture

you can try to install GUI, it does not need developer mode

fravaccaro's picture

From the description: It's a command line utility so you need developer mode active, but a GUI is coming for everyone else.

iamyinweijian's picture

i love you app and code (in github),very very good,i never see someone can so good and niubi(Chinese,niubi == wonderful);

fravaccaro's picture

Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it :)

Ingvix's picture

Just a thought:

This could be extended to be a more universal appearence manager. Ambiance would be the most obvious thing to add to themepacks. Also another thing could be patches included in themepacks as many of them have effect on appearance. This would of course be for the more extreme theme makers who want to have everything the way they want it to be. Of course you could have a options on what you want to install from the themepack and so own so you could take what you want from it if not all.

fravaccaro's picture

Well, albeit having a one-access point would be cool, I don't think it would add that much and may take some time away from the bits I'm working on for my script :)

And I asked for help to make an UI, so I may be not the best one for this task anyway :D

alina's picture

Sorry, but the same goes for Android fonts. It's enough to backup/replace Roboto*.ttf's not all other non-Latin fonts.

fravaccaro's picture

You're right, I'll update the script, it seems that non-latin charactes are displayed with Droid variants. As I said below my only concern at the moment is proper testing with non-latin content :)

alina's picture

Yeah, Droid ones display non-Latin characters. And of course I'll test the preliminary package. Just send me a download link, or via Telegram @a_najafi88 (or in Jolla Fan Club).

Ingvix's picture

I'm looking at the theme making tutorial and there seems to be a mistake:

Rename your regular font as Roboto-Regular.ttf and your light one as Roboto-Regular.ttf (if you have only one font file make a copy of it)

Should it be Roboto-Light.ttf or something or have I misunderstood?

fravaccaro's picture

ah sure, there's a mistake in the wiki, thanks for letting me know :)

[EDIT] guidelines for system fonts updated.

alina's picture

About the font theme:
Currently it removes all folders from /usr/share/fonts including "amiri". This way you will lose arabic/persian font support if you just want to change the latin font. I guess the same will occur about Chinese with "wqy-zenhei".

fravaccaro's picture

I tried to keep "wqy-zenhei" and "amiri", but while if I keep "amiri" everything is ok, when "wqy-zenhei" is present Sailfish OS switches to it and ignores the new font. I tried even editing /etc/fonts/local.conf but nothing changes. Do you have any tip?  :)

[EDIT] replacing default fonts in sail-sans-pro folder seems to work (and ofc it keeps arabic/chinese fonts)

alina's picture

I think it will be perfect if it can check the /themepack/font folder for existing folders and replace all of them. I believe this is possible by making backup of the whole /usr/share/fonts and replace the whole content. This enables the developer to add custom non-Latin fonts as well.

fravaccaro's picture

Sure, it's possible, the only limit atm is that I have no content/font to test on, if I make a preliminary package, would you test it?

Shiv69rules's picture

I am trying to uninstall the app ,but to do it.,pls help

fravaccaro's picture

Have you tried via Warehouse?