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Sailfinder is an unofficial Tinder client for Sailish OS.


  • Like, dislike, superlike people
  • View their profile, pictures, bio, ...
  • Notifications
  • View your matches, send them messages and unmatch them
  • Edit your profile: change your search criteria, discoverable, ...
  • Modern Sailfish Silica UI and a blazing fast C++ backend


    Help! I can't login:

    1. Check your username and password.
    2. Check if your account hasn't been flagged by Facebook for unauthorized access. This can be done by logging into Facebok using your browser and answer some security questions to make sure you are the one that logged in.
    3. If you use an older Sailfish OS version then you should do an update first before using Sailfinder.


    Sailfinder and it's contributors aren't related to Tinder in any way and they can't be hold responsible for anything. You agree automatically with this disclaimer by using the application, contribute to it, ...


    See Github

    The beta version of Sailfinder is available on Openrepos, as soon as it's stable the release version will be available on Openrepos and the Jolla Store.


    See Github


    Transifex project

    In case a language is missing, you can request it. Feel free to translate Sailfinder in your language, the translations are updated with every release.

    Bugs, requests and other stuff:

    • Starting from Sailfinder V0.7 bugs can be reported on Github.
    • Source code available on Github:
    • I put in a lot of time to develop Sailfinder so please buy me coffee: 
    • If you want to report a bug you need to provide your logs from /home/nemo/.cache/harbour-sailfinder/logging and a terminal output is handy as well.
    Application versions: 
    harbour-sailfinder-4.0-3.armv7hl.rpm310.43 KB09/02/2018 - 14:06
    harbour-sailfinder-4.0-3.i486.rpm323.63 KB09/02/2018 - 14:06
    harbour-sailfinder-4.1-2.armv7hl.rpm313.04 KB14/02/2018 - 19:52
    harbour-sailfinder-4.1-2.i486.rpm326.63 KB14/02/2018 - 19:52

    - [MINOR BUGFIX] Message preview text is now stripped
    - [MINOR BUGFIX] No Messages placeholder isn't visible anymore when sending the first message
    - [MINOR BUGFIX] Timeout timer prevents deadlocks when network connection is poor (beta)
    - [MINOR BUGFIX] PhotoGridLayout needs double pressing before activation for the first time
    - [MINOR BUGFIX] Location update is now correct
    - [NEW] Show distance for recommendations
    - [NEW] View matches their basic profile
    - [STORE] Harbour compatible again
    - [STORE] Fixed Release build


    kihi's picture

    ok, very clear. Thanks for the clarification!

    petros's picture

    Does not work for me, it stack on loading people and does nothing more :(

    minitreintje's picture

    Make sure that your ranges in settings are big enough and don't use a pseudo account for Facebook since it search for people on Facebook.

    If that doesn't work, post the session.log from /home/nemo/.config/harbour-sailfinder/session.log.
    The log clears itself everytime you login.

    TMavica's picture

    Everytime I need to login facebook when launch the app

    minitreintje's picture

    It doesn't remembers your login data? Then Facebook can't save cookies on your device for some reason.

    But you have to login everytime since I don't have the SECRET_APP_KEY from Tinder to request a long live token.

    dfstorm's picture

    got this error :s

    Return value of PyObject call is NULL: Traceback (most recent call last):

    File "/usr/share/harbour-sailfinder/qml/pages/", line 176, in updateLocation
    session.update_location(latitude, longitude)

    File "/usr/share/harbour-sailfinder/qml/pages/pynder/", line 29, in update_location
    return, longitude)

    File "/usr/share/harbour-sailfinder/qml/pages/pynder/", line 92, in ping
    return self._post("/user/ping", {"lat": lat, "lon": lon})

    File "/usr/share/harbour-sailfinder/qml/pages/pynder/", line 55, in _post
    return self._request("post", url, data=data)

    File "/usr/share/harbour-sailfinder/qml/pages/pynder/", line 48, in _request
    raise errors.RequestError(result.status_code)

    pynder.errors.RequestError: 500

    minitreintje's picture

    This is now fixed :)

    gembiak's picture

    How do I install the latest version 0.7-1 of the application? The last update is not removed my earlier problem.
    Thank you.

    eisen's picture

    you can download the file on and copy it to your phone, i couldn´t install 0.7-1 from the store too. how ever here is the next report but the app worx most time. sometimes there comes an error when i click on more infos about a person:

    Return value of PyObject call is NULL: Traceback (most recent call last):

      File "/usr/share/harbour-sailfinder/qml/pages/", line 423, in loadAbout
        pyotherside.send('getPersonsCommonInterests', persons[personsCounterNumberPersons].common_interests)

      File "/usr/share/harbour-sailfinder/qml/pages/pynder/models/", line 49, in common_interests
        return [p for p in self._data['common_interests']]

    KeyError: 'common_interests'


    minitreintje's picture

    This is fixed in the V0.8 see Github

    eisen's picture

    thanks for your fast support, but for the new version 0.8-1 the warehouse app noticed an error again. it couldn´t find your repository... other devs are working.

    minitreintje's picture

    I can't reproduce that issue... Can you describe the exact error?

    Try this:
    1.remove Sailfinder
    2. disable my repo
    3. reboot
    4. enable my repo
    5. install Sailfinder

    If that doesn't work I need to contact Basil...

    eisen's picture

    to update to 0.9 there is the same problem, i did a new installation of sailfinder and the warehouse-store. it only says: couldn't find the repository...

    minitreintje's picture

    I emailed Basil to fix this problem but I haven't heard from him.

    I just upload the RPM packages to from there I can't do anything anymore.

    gembiak's picture

    Thank you helped. Earlier in this way I tried to install version 0.6-2, but it appeared the error.

    SKD's picture

    I now updated to 0.7-1. Unfortunately it still doesn't work for me. The GPS icon is showing up now. I can also see the coordinates in the settings updating. But it still says "no match nearby". I put distance to max, and maximum age range. Still doesn't find anything.

    minitreintje's picture

    That's weird... The code behind no users nearby detects this when you can like people but the tinder servers don't send new people. I can't do much more from here. Have you tried the Android version?

    SKD's picture

    I tried but unfortunately it needs google play services in order to work but I didn't want to install google play.

    minitreintje's picture

    You can download Amazon Underground and use that one. I also don't want to install Google Play Services. The version from the Amazon App store is old but does the job to test your issue.

    SKD's picture

    Thanks for the update!

    The login is working now for me but it just says "no users nearby...". I also noticed that the gps icon doesn't show up even though it's activated in the setting. So if tinder searching on the basis of the gps location it might be because it doesn't get a gps signal for some reason...?! It's version 0.6-3 that I'm using.

    minitreintje's picture

    The GPS updater is only working for now when you are on the settings page.
    Also make sure that your range and age parameters are big enough

    Please go to the settings page and wait until the position has been updated (a few minutes) and accept the dialog.

    gembiak's picture

    I have the following problem with installing the latest version 0.6-2. :

    Transaction /1563_badeedea

    Status: repo-not-avaible

    Extra details:

    File './mw/armv7hl/dbus-python3-1.2.0-1.1.7.armv7hl.rpm' not found on medium ''

    minitreintje's picture

    You need dbus-python3 on your Jolla to install the latest release since I use it to display the notifications. I didn't saw that error on my Jolla when I installed Sailfinder.

    I will investigate if I can move the notifications to QML. But before that, have you tried to enable developper mode? The package is available in the developper repos from Jolla.

    Please let me know :)

    gembiak's picture

    And where can I download the installation file dbus-python3? I have a developer mode switched on, but I can not install the application.

    eisen's picture

    it is not possible for non-developer to get this package. i don´t know how to get this... the openrepos-app sucks more and more.

    minitreintje's picture

    You can enable developper mode in Jolla settings.
    I can't fix this issue since I use dbus in Python for the notifications and later for the daemon.

    If I remove this as dependency I can't display the notifications anymore.

    SKD's picture

    hey, i've tried it today for the first time (never been logged in to tinder before either). after login screen there was a white page with the text "success" and a few seconds later the following error. i've tried it a few times now, always the same. can you tell me what's causing the issue?

    Return value of PyObject call is NULL: Traceback (most recent call last):

    File "/usr/share/harbour-sailfinder/qml/pages/", line 277, in hintsHandler
    configFile = open("localConfiguration.cfg", 'r')

    FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden: 'localConfiguration.cfg'

    minitreintje's picture

    Hi, The issue is that Sailfinder reads his configuration file before it was created. I fixed the issue already in V0.6 but I wanted to implent notifications with that particular release before I release it. The update is around the corner in a couple of days...

    EDIT: I just pushed the update to Openrepos.

    eisen's picture

    Return value of PyObject call is NULL: Traceback (most recent call last):

    File "/usr/share/harbour-sailfinder/qml/pages/", line 188, in loadPersons
    personsURL = list(persons[personsCounterNumberPersons].photos)

    IndexError: list index out of range

    minitreintje's picture


    Can you give some information about the moment when this error occured? I think it's related to Pynder (the module behind Sailfinder) which is still loading new people while we already try to get the first person.