Patch: Eventsview control

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Patch description for SailfishOS (patch version 0.0.7-1):

Patch adds setting to set up custom columns count and "No notifications" text (Settings - Events). Also you can disable settings icon in the right bottom edge of events view.


Patch description for SailfishOS (patch version <0.0.5-1):

Patch adds favourites and sidebar-pulley into eventsview page. Famous bug with mobile-network toggle is included too - just push "Connect to internet" item in Pulley-grid.

Sidebar-pulley doesn't affect on close-all option =)

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Changelog: EA


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Hi on it is not working anymore.

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I know, work in progress

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I can't activate the patch on, XperiaX, will there be an update?

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Hi Ancelad,   it seems I messed up my sfos a bit. so now I have to remove this patch by hand, because patchmanager don't let me. I already tried the same procedure as for removing your powermenu patch but it seems I miss something.

This is what I did until now:

  • zypper in -f lipstick-jolla-home-qt5 (after this the patch does'nt work anymore of course)


  • cd /usr/share/jolla-settings/pages/events/
    • mv events.qml.webosinternals.orig events.qml
  • cd /usr/share/lipstick-jolla-home-qt5/eventsview/
    • mv EventsViewList.qml.webosinternals.orig EventsViewList.qml
    • mv EventsView.qml.webosinternals.orig EventsView.qml
  • cd /usr/share/jolla-settings/entries/
    • rm sailfishos-eventsview-control.json
    • rm sailfishos-eventsview-control.json.webosinternals.orig


But still the patch shows up and i can't deactivate it. What is missing?

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I don't understand what patch you want to remove, eventsview or powermenu

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the eventsview patch

EDIT: got it! Nonetheless, thank you for your work! :)

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Can this one replace powermenu aswell?

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What do you mean?

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Hi there patch cant access after update

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Is there source code available for this patch? Thanks.

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Unpack rpm and you'll see, there isn't any secret.

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Updated German string translations on Transifex.

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Currently, after browser froze yesterday (and some other patches suddenly stopped working) this patch is no longer working and couldn't be enabled neither disabled (even after uninstall, reboot, removed all patches, pkcon refresh, version --dup etc)

When trying to disable it, an error says "patch no longer available, you won't be able to reinstall it", then the patch disappears from the list until I come back to patchmanager. The patch is then listed again, disabling it still not possible.

At least one other patch shows similar issue: event screen date & text

I'm afraid I'll have to reset my phone to factory status again. However, I wouldn't like to repeat the same error when reinstalling my selection of patches. I suspect there might be an issue with eventsview in Iijoki (0.0.28-10.9.1.jolla --

Using patchmanager 2.0 in SFOS, Jolla 1 phone. Anyone to confirm Iijoki compatibility?

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Could you please update for SFOS I love this patch and miss it.

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The latest patch works on

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I have version 0.0.7-1 installed. In Patchmanager activation fails. It was running prior to update to for me. Now it doesn't. Maybe it's a conflict with another patch I've installed. I'll investigate that.

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I can't apply it too, sadly. This are the patches I installed:

  • Go to date in calendar
  • Hide recent contacts
  • Gallery zoom patch
  • Add more shortcuts
  • Add new folders icon
  • Ambience powermenu2
  • Disable wake up lockscreen animation
  • Don't freeze app on peek
  • Extended volume control
  • Faster pulley menus
  • Instantly hide digits
  • Launcher on device lock
  • Less home animations
  • Lockscreen all notifications
  • Lockscreen pulley at home
  • More notifications on lockscreen
  • No automatic launcher hint
  • Notification dismiss
  • Remove black from launcher
  • Sneak peek option
  • Switcher click hints launcher
  • Voice call combined patch
  • Page transition animation speed-up
  • Remorse accept button

I have no idea what can cause conflicts; @skillmon, do we have any patch in common?


EDIT: actually, I found that Less home animation patch modifies same files, so my bad =)

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Doesnt work on Sailfish OS Patchmanager shows enabled, cant disable it, but patch is not really enabled.

Can you update this nice patch? :)

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It works with latest SFOS, it seems you've forgotten to disable this patch before system upgrade.

Run these commands as root: 

rm -rf /usr/share/jolla-settings/pages/events/events.qml.webosinternals.orig

rm -rf /usr/share/lipstick-jolla-home-qt5/eventsview/EventsViewList.qml.webosinternals.orig

rm -rf /usr/share/lipstick-jolla-home-qt5/eventsview/EventsView.qml.webosinternals.orig

And try to re-apply patch.

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I Removed the patch via warehouse, ran the commands trough ssh, but when I installe the patch again it did the same thing

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Try to reboot your phone

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Deleted the patch again via warehouse. After multiple reboots (inbetween which I again ran the commands), patch reappears in patch manager and shows it is activated.

When I tap to disable it the patch disappears from the list, only to reappear when I restart patchmanager

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Sailfish 2.0.1.x introduces a unremovable (afaik) shortcut to eventsview settings in the settings applet, as seen on this screenshot (the little gear). It's annoyingly out of line. Can you consider adding an option to remove it (if its even possible)?

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Done :D

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I love this patch and usually use, the best! Just one thing, not a problem with this patch. So that would be huge if we could use this menu directly from the home screen with a swipe down gesture from anywhere except the edges. Is it possible to make this feature with this patch or with a new patch? I hope yes and not too difficult for you, master :) . Many thanks for this patch and I hope for the future modification or for a new patch... Cheers!

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Hmmm. I got the update today. On 1.9 I could see the shortcuts under the weather in events. But now it stays empty. No idea how to select favourites with the redesigned settingslayout. All I see is the column bar and that seems to work for the pulley. But I want this patch so I can reach for my controls without using the pulley, as seen on the screenshot on the very right. Am I blind? What am I missing? ;-D

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0.0.5-1 contains only pulley-controls because Jolla doesn't use favourite-zone anymore. Two right screenshots are from

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That's bad news. I wish the pulley would move to the homescreen. Imho it's a pain to switch to events and then the pulley and back just to stop a connection.