Tor settings applet

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Tor settings applet for Tor package(1)

Browser proxy and browser restart options modifying Service status behaviour. If enabled, actions will be performed when you enable or disable tor in settings, or using favorites menu.



Thanks to Ancelad for artwork.

Donations are welcome =)

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File jolla-settings-tor-button-0.1.0-1.noarch.rpm8.77 KB02/09/2015 - 13:24

Initial release


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Please update for larger Xperia display in settings and add function to Reset browser proxy settings.

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I activated the "sailfish browser proxy" button and the "Restart Sailfish browser" but sailfish browser says "Server not found". Tor is working. Torfied git to access the some onion address. How can I check what went wrong and/or how to do it manually.

Thx in advance

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Having the same issue in Sailfish X.

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Hi coderus, unfortunately...

... just another app with icon scaling problems: onion is not shown in preferences and events view on JollaC (Jolla1 works fine)

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Any news on the icon issue Coderus? Thanks.

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The Security category no longer exists in SFOS 2.0, could you please update the package to either re-eanable the security category or use a different category (such as connectivity)?
Currently it makes a new category called "!!security"

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Thank you for this app.

The icon is always off, although tor is enable. What am I doing wrong?

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Hi, nice development, really. I've one cuestion.

When Tor is running, the Jolla's XMPP native application conects throw Tor? Or, in other way, the Tor connection is used for the whole phone or only by the web browser app?


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When tor is running its running proxy server on localhost. You need to configure proxy to tor yourself.

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With the former TOR-switch, I had TOR auto-started at boot time. Now I have to start it at every boot. Any hint to have it persistently auto-started?

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systemctl --user enable tor

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No. The solution was /home/nemo/.config/systemd/user/ (symlink)

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systemctl --user enable tor doing exactly same

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On my phone, it makes


(with no result) instead of


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you need to ask about fixing tor package then

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Fixed by NielDK in TOR (may require uninstall/reboot/reinstall to upgrade)

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when i try to start it, the phone does a reboot or it won't let it get started.

mfg andre

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This is ever possible?